Session 100


November 12, 1965
Present: Given, Legion, Tomas and two visitors: Pat and Jorge.

Sweet Timothy had departed for California after the last session, and was living in a little cabin in Bolinas, painting. Tomas was now staying with Legion and Given in Xuitepec, but was soon to leave for Bolinas also.

WE: Clearly it is seen now. Night shade has lifted. The eye of the Moon is flamed; direct in its beams. The entrance has been painless. Question?

Pat: Will there be peace?

WE: Peace in great measure has flooded your lowlands. That which now fruits has long been planted. Sweet is that fruit which is planted and eaten by the planter.

Pat: Can I love?

WE: That which loves not, lives not-and are you not living? The movement of ONE is the motion of an uncommonly-known love. This movement has you in its sway, and your way is in harmony with its motion. Confuse not emotion with motion. Move as the motion moves you, for You are its center. Emote only when moved from your center. Hesitate less than the measure of the heart’s beat, for the motion of this love, while it has movement, its harmony comes not from a beat-the flow is continual and without measure.

Pat: What is my real name?

WE: The time is now for dropping ill-fitting garments and donning the robe of one’s station. Let it be said to this One: This ceremony carries with it the responsibility bearable that of SELF-placement with and as ONE. This robe will not be out-worn nor handed down to another. That which You do cannot be done by another. Wear this robe through all seeming seasons. This one is called Veni.

It should be noted that anyone who attended the sessions was given a “commission” name if they asked for one. Few of these have been retained, however, in the writings, to prevent confusion. That which was said to Veni, however, was a saying that could be applied to all, and was part of the doctrine.

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