Session 09


November 3, 1962
Present: Rhom, Dean, John.

Nadine was in Sacramento, so Dean did the recording for this night’s session. The planchette commenced by going around and around the symbol drawn the board, first in one direction and then the other, out-in, in-out, etc. It had never done this with a symbol.

WE: Powerful are WE. Powerful are You. Powerful, powerful, powerful. Swing it out, draw it in. Silver the tone. The twisted trine will be mended ere long; untwisted the cord that binds, frayed ends spliced. A wholeness to emerge, sweet its perfume, soft its song, enduring its strength, unending its sphere. The mend occurs uninvited because of time-pattern. The three Wise Ones will walk the rough ground un-shod, exposed in the vitals. To them will rush the beating wings of the mighty bird.

(As the group realized later, this entire passage related to the Victorious One- formerly the Chariot-which was to be dictated November 24.)

WE: The mighty orb casts no shadow now. In the wake of the storm, seedlings sprout. The kingdom has been stormed and won. It is a time of great rejoicing. Naked stand the trine. Down the wind comes a shower of shafts. The trine is split asunder. The shafts flower and bear fruit. The fruit is partaken of by the many. Deliriums follow, madness hovers. Not for naught has been the preparation. Supple the movements that take wing from the ashes. Their robes are now well worn. Maleness in your world to strengthen, woman-ness to strengthen. Hand in hand, the duo wed and produce a flower. (An early reference to the Book of Unity.) This wedding is not consummated amid happiness. Bitter have been the moments. The honeymoon is over. The flowers’ petals will be snatched at, their perfume will be squeezed and attempts to sully their sweetness will follow. But stand firm for each crushed rose will be replaced by another. The song WE sing tonight is a love song.

A blade of gold, a silver horn, a jet staff, a diamond Off WE now go to another matter: weaponry. tube, a stone. These have deep significance to each separately and to all collectively. The wielders are the same order as follows: Rhom, John, Dean, Nadine, Rosalind. When these are reviewed, let none be greater than another. The arsenal is loaded with needful instruments. You have already responded to and experienced the effects of using your weapons. There is much more to come. Your weapon fits you like skin. Wear them in good health. Let no man steal your thunder and no man will carry you back on your shield. Floating over the land will come the dirge. A leader has fallen.

Q: Is that why sadness exists in the room tonight?

WE: The sadness is of the people. The spirit soars and sings a song of freedom. (A day or two later Eleanor Roosevelt died which indeed brought sadness to the people of the nation.) To give numbers we may assign 4 to the stone (Rosalind).

Dean: (Dean asked a silent question as to which number was his.)

WE: Yes, it is 9.

(The group recalled that the other numbers had been given previously: Nadine was 3, Rhom 5, and John 7. They went on to discuss the fact that some people are at the center of activity, such as the work being transmitted through the board, while others are at the periphery but that all of them seemed to move in and out of the Carmel center. Was there something special about Carmel? Was it, in fact, the major center of the ONE work?)

WE: The vast network is spun over a bridge. There is much coming and going. The spans extend in many lands. The center strut is not fixed. Be not deluded there. An exercise WE recommend to you is that of personal recall. Take a quiet time and recall everyone you have ever known. Do not make of it a labor. Divide it as you will and allot to each his due. Please do this soon. There should be no regrets, there should be no abortions. Give new birth to each one.

Rhom: Have you anything to say to Nadine who is in Sacramento?

WE: Retreat never. To your world has come a vital pressure. Embrace it. No more. The Mother of Creation is again functioning. Place a card on the table and WE shall see what WE shall see.

John: The Nameless One. Is he like the present Fool? Is the card very different?

WE: Similar.

John: Is there a precipice?

WE: Behind.

John: Are there animals?

WE: Two–a cat-dog and a spider. The cat-dog is at heel, the spider is overhead.

John: What does the Nameless One carry?

WE: Books in his hands; left one open, right one not.

John: Is he in profile?

WE: Naked in profile. The Sun is overhead and is reflected in water in distance. Cat-dog is two-headed with cat-body.

John: Colors?

WE: Lightness.

John: Is there an ocean beneath the precipice?

WE: Lake, no ocean. Precipice holds a mound of bones. It is a dark pit full of bones. That IS the precipice (the pit of bones). In the distance is a reflecting lake. It starts behind and to the side on card-the lake, that is. Left corner-far distance, though. The naked One strides, clothed with his books, away from the dark pit of bones which lie beneath and behind him. More later. The Books are not like your books. They are scroll-like. Behind him are the stones, in front of him are flowers. On one calf is a band of purple. The forward leg. Number not.

Victory is to be portrayed.

When naming it say the Nameless One. No more.

John: What of the Hanging Man? Can we get a description now?

WE: Timing leaves nothing hanging, not even the Hanging Man. Patience, 0 Lion! You have been told the import of a slow pace. The Mother-creating period has made this clearer. Clearer WE cannot be. WE appreciate your attention this night. Journey on now.

In the ensuing discussion, after Dean had read back the message, the beginning part of the session was seen as being related to the Nameless One and almost an announcement of it-which indeed it was. However, later on it was clear that everything that had been said applied equally well to the Victorious One whose meaning was Self-Mastery. But, since the Nameless One was the container-resolver and was the one who held the Books (the scrolls) which he himself wrote, he “contained” the Victorious One as one of his projections. For the Nameless One is the “son” whom the Mother carries within her belly, and, as such, he is the hero or prototype of all the ensuing Books. The curious matter of weaponry was discussed. It was clear that it related to victory and the battle of the Nameless One after his leaving the pit of bones behind him, but beyond this no one could go. Throughout the remainder of the Carmel sessions, the group was to be haunted and puzzled by the matter of weapons. It remains an enigma to this day.

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