Session 08


October 27, 1962
Present: John, Rhom, Nadine, Dean.
New Moon in Scorpio.

Dean, after another brief trip to San Francisco, was back and working hard on his metal sculpture as well as attending college. He was restless, however, and in some ways skeptical of the ouija board message. He belonged to a group called Subud, an Indonesian spiritual movement, headed by one Moham mad Subuh, which taught a method of contacting God from within rather than from without-to which the rest of the group belonged, at that time, also. But Dean, at 22, was more of a purist and was not entirely certain that the ONE coming through the board was exactly the same as the ONE contacted in the latihan (Indonesian word for exercise). Or rather, he was not certain in his mind. Inwardly he was as sure as the rest, for the feeling that accompanied these sessions was quite unmistakable, and the atmosphere was ever one of light, not the opposite. But, as the session opened, he was feeling restless and even irritable. He kept wandering around the room, as though oblivious of the lighted candles, the fire in the fireplace and the incense Nadine had lighted. He had other things on his mind than the coming ouija board session. As John and Rhom sat on the davenport in front of the fireplace with the paper oujia board on a drawing board between them and Nadine sat with her notebook and pencil poised, wearing, as usual her white dress from Guatemala and her plastic pendant containing a scarab, Dean’s wandering around seemed almost a deliberate interruption.

At length, John said lightly: “We will wait ’til Lady Godiva gets on her horse “-by which he was referring to the statement made by the board “return to that naked state of yore,” also the statement: “Ye have been given needed strength to do. Do!”

When Dean settled down, the session commenced. The fact that the new Moon was in Scorpio the night the Book of the Mother was dictated was to seem significant later since both John and Nadine had the Moon in Scorpio and Rosalind also. The sign Scorpio is also associated with ancient Egypt, Osiris, the scarab and the High Priestess and the High Priestess, Isis, was the predecessor of the Mother in the Tarot. While Cancer is the sign of the Mother, the sea, and of birth, Scorpio symbolizes resurrection, the phoenix, sex, death and regeneration and how can the Mother be separated from these connotations? But also, as was to be seen much later, Death is the Renewer-reveals.

WE: Bringers of sorrow, weep not. Twisted asunder are the ribbons that tie the child to his home. Fatherless at last, freedom is won. Half-born no more, the child walks alone. The youth falters into his manhood to discover his origin. He begets sorrow for a season. When the Moon of Sorrow sets, the dawn follows in its season to light the path of the twice-born.

(At this point, a freezing cold came into the room and caused Nadine and John to shiver. They both felt it physically. The blazing fire seemingly had no warmth.)

Cold-cold. A faint rosy warmth comes and, in its season, enflames the world. From the ashes emerges the silvered winged One. Sorrowing no more, enlighten your hearts, faithful Ones.

Rhom: We are bringers of sorrow?

Nadine: Don’t you see? Light penetrates darkness and brings sorrow to those who live there. Light is not easy.

WE: Light-bringers are called “bringers of sorrow.” The light fears not the darkness. Not so the dark. Swept to its doom will be the spoilers. Your cast is not that of prophecy. Yours is active witnessing the activity. Having been foretold, would you have it otherwise? WE think not. Your patterns are deeply imbedded in SELF, the SELF WE know here. To question is seasonal. Activity has no season.

(Coffee break. There was talk about the Cuban situation. Dean, in particular, was ever sensitive, at that time, to world affairs.)

We would speak to one not here. WE may say this to you: Russia is not an enemy of good purpose. You need only silently remember this to do your part. There will not enter your individual worlds dangers of any kind. Involve yourselves not. Only hold fast to what WE now say: Russia is not an enemy of any good purpose. The Planetary ruler is reforming his charge. Is this understood?

Rhom: “Of any good purpose” can be taken two ways. Which way do you mean?

WE: Not enemy stop. The world body-centers are being . . . the best word is “electrified.” Correspondence in other-or all-worlds. Changes are inevitable. The body grows to its purpose. Its mystery and vastness are interchangeable. You know this.

(Pause for discussion about Russia with some disagreement among those present. However, the conclusion was that only time could tell the answer about Russia and that, as is well-known, those who speak from “the other side” have no sense of time in the calendrical sense. Very often what seems immediate and present on another level is in the far-off distance insofar as human time is concerned. Someone mentioned the fact that it had been predicted that in the 21st century Russia would be the most advanced nation in the world and would have by then experienced a very great change ideologically and spiritually.)

WE: Sorry-WE forgot there are other matters troubling the table which WE have to handle this evening with full cooperation and understanding. If there are no question, WE will proceed.

John: What about Rosalind? Should she not be present? She says she cannot come.

WE: The situation cannot be separated from the personality in this instance. The Primary Personality Soul-world problem is simply a gaping wound. The wound need not be identified, only cauterized. The drip-drip of the blood-drops is heart-breaking personally and is the world body. The wounded soldier cannot be blamed, that his heart-substance spills and soils the earth where he has fallen. Some wounds are fatal, however, when not properly treated. A session with the two soldiers is indicated for medication if the wounded are willing to take strong medicine. WE never interfere as you must know. There is much, you know, about our work together.

Nadine: Do you mean that all of us should have a session together, or just Rosalind and John-the two “wounded soldiers”?

WE: For the session indicated, the players on the table will be the same–but she should be here. Others welcome -not necessary but welcome.

(A painful misunderstanding had occurred in Hawaii a few months earlier in connection with kahuna studies and fire ceremonies for the goddess Pele under the leadership of David “Daddy” Bray, one of the last of the old traditional Kahunas, or Hawaiian high priests. This misunderstanding was soon to be cleared.)

John: Dean, haven’t you a question? (Silence)

WE: WE feel your hesitancy to uncover. This WE will not disturb. WE will assist only and never direct you at this point. You may be directed later-even commanded. The buried period will see the light of day in its season. Heavy lies the hand. WE wish to aid and will. Recovery of the lost treasure is made easier when the heart is golden. Each of the four, each of the five and six, has a treasure to uncover. Some have several treasures. Some treasures are actual, some are buried, some are in sight only not visible. The course is through the golden heart in all instances.

(Another break was taken at this point. The treasures were speculated upon but not identified. Each felt he had more to learn and hoped more clues would be given. However, the WE of the board this evening was proceeding toward the dictation of the Mother Book-the first one of the new series of the Greater Trumps of the Tarot to be described. The mention of the “child, half born no longer” at the beginning of the session was connected with the Mother as was the treasure and the “golden heart.”)

Rhom: Will you please give me some indications?

WE: Dwell not in marble halls. Roam the sod. Open the valve to feeling in others as you feel by trusting yourself and others. Express instantly and true. Now cannot be a better time. The need is great. The reason for the stoppage has spent itself; know this! WE must say this about the Tarot readings: purity of purpose must accompany all readings for continued progression. A step backward is a long one; a step forward is a mighty one hard fought.

Throw one card on the table–not actually-and WE will see what gives.

John: What of the High Priestess?

WE: Good one.

John: What is her proper name?

WE: Mother.

John: What is her number?

WE: A changing one 1,2,3.

John: What is her significance?

WE: Creator.

John: How should this be understood?

WE: Depends on factor of the moment. Creator is ever continuing and changing.

Q: What letter?

WE: S. Sin, the fish, yes.

John: Sophia?

WE: More. Mother Creator is not a role but a duty-position is assumed by others. It is difficult to separate Tarot and reality in words. WE cannot in this case without floundering. You understand this card. Soul aspect-wrong word again. You do understand, though, right.

Q: In the card you describe, what does She carry?

WE: She carries a spark or star.

Q: Where?

WE: Heart area.

Q: What other symbols are on the card? Pillars?

WE: She strides them.

Q: What other symbols are there?

WE: In right hand a thunder bolt; left, a flower. Her robes are spread by birds, two birds.

Q: What kind of birds?

WE: Mighty ones.

Q: Is she crowned?

WE: Two serpents. Robes are black. Element on card is water. Above.

Q: Like the symbol for Aquarius?

WE: Almost. Waves almost.

Q: Does she represent the fish?

WE: More.

Q: Does the moon figure in this card?

WE: Yes, serpent’s shape.

Q: What color are the birds?

WE: Coloring is not vital except when indicated from time to time.

Q: Have you any more to tell us about Her?

WE: Her eyes are closed.

Q: Are the cards of the Nameless One and the Hanging Man also very differently depicted in the cards you speak of?

WE: Later. (To Nadine) Cramps in stomach area will pass. Thank you.

The day following the session, John painted the Book of the Mother in casein on mat board. This first rendition he gave to Nadine because, at that point, everyone identified her with the Mother-the former High Priestess- perhaps rightfully so. Later he decided that his first version was wrong, so he did another one-the one that appears in the published Aquarian Tarot deck. His first version of the Mother was not pregnant; the second one was. Indeed, She seems imminently to be giving birth as she stands atop the two pillars . . . Her Son is to be born of the waters of the womb, but her Sun-the star upon her breast in the heart area-is born of fire and is the Virgin, Beingness, also the Holy Grail “The course is through the golden heart in all instances.”

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