Session 07


October 20, 1962
Present: Nadine, Rhom, John.

No one was consciously thinking of the Tarot when this session commenced. The three members of the group present were still thinking about the meaning of the “cat, dog, bird and shaft” at the headwaters of the Nile and of Isis, Osiris, etc. Yet were they aware, by this time, that that which was coming down was beyond the ordinary and was, in a sense, “exercising” them, as had been said. It is significant that the symbol for this session was the Sun– for the Sun (also to be thought of as a star, the ONE, the Aton sun disk etc.) had definitely come out from hiding as the WE of the board commenced to speak of the Tarot–which was an objective way of manifesting the message or the inner import of the “reversal,” the latter meaning a return to a state of being in which the knowledge of ONE was dominant and therefore “the naked state of yore referred to earlier.

A symbolic Garden of Eden was being referred to and, possibly, a quite literal state on Lost Atlantis prior to the final destruction around 9564 B.C. at the tail-end of the Age of Leo, the Lion. When Atlantis went down, it is said that the high priests and others who were followers of “The Law of One” consciously “reversed the vibration”- which is to say turned the positive swastika to the one of dissolution –so that the evil which had come about through the influence of the Sons of Baal would be lost along with the continent. Their basic idea was to preserve for the present time-period the higher Atlantean principles so that, when another destruction was threatened, it would not take place. The negative swastika was again to reverse (or re-reverse in the terms of these notes) to bring in the positive energy at the onset of the Aquarian Age. The Tarot is obviously closely connected with this, or would not have been given in connection with the “reversal of the reversal.”

Dean had returned from his trip but was away this evening, attending a class at Monterey Peninsula College. In the meanwhile, John had had an accident which is referred to in this session. He had unknowingly imbibed a poison which had nearly cost him his life.

WE: Bringers of light, WE salute you. Bearers of light WE comfort-you. Bearers of burdens, WE cheer you. Place your hands on the table of truth and come away restored. Willing are the hosts of elders to ease the load. Rush into print, stay not the flow, wring from each drop its full measure. Take up thy staff; feel free to express the inexpressible. Upon your efforts depends the very life of many which without your effort–cannot survive actually. The flesh may quiver and the pulse may race. The emotions may falter; still you will do and win. The still voice will not be stilled. The others may shout. Listen not to the shouting but to the Still One. You ask about being practical. Nothing in your world is more so. The whats and whys are taken care of, actually. Still you are not alone and never shall be.

(Pause. In this pause, the group had a very definite feeling of a Presence.)
ONE is for all.
Two is forever,
Three shall be.
Four points the way.
Five takes precedence.
Six will not intervene.
Seven will win.
Eight doubles the way.
Nine contains the tale.
The numbers should be reviewed with understanding and will be referred to again when fuller meaning is given. The mystery of number IS. Not so, YOU. The strength of numbers’ force is part of your structure. Build with and from that structure. Seated here now is a hovering number for each of you. It is known to YOU, but WE shall place it in the light now. YOU have used this number-structure before. Now use it knowingly. Three is the number of the bird. Five is the number of the upright one. Seven is the number of the One who walks. (Nadine, Rhom, John.) Will you bring up a subject for handling?

Rhom: What happened to John on October 6?

WE: The date is wrong.

John: That is correct. It was the 5th.

WE: The indicators are pointed in opposite directions. From each point streams a vitalness. From that spot whence the points originate lies the meaning. Dropped into the kettledrum is a resounding stone. Its rattle is not harmonious. Its sound reverberates in circles in widening arcs. Its vibration has been felt in far places. Its power is now on the wane.

John: Was the action, as it happened, part of the pattern? Was it necessary?

WE: Patterns are formed as they occur. What happened should have been avoided. Its activity was utilized, however, by that true YOU. A storm when it is gathering electrifies the atmosphere. When it has spent itself, the corn has been washed. “Vitalness” is a word for your pondering. Fear never-WE cannot say this to YOU too often. Fear not, for I am with you always.

John: What were the indicators?

WE: You and YOU-personal and real.

John: Has this got to do with reversal?

WE: The full beauty is to come. WE are pleased as WE have said so often. This has not been done in the past-past but now it is needed. Well done–but you can and will do better.

WE must say this for him who is not here: (Dean) Travel on in a direction that has been indicated. Refuse to be burdened with grips. Travel light, travel alone, always mindful that you are never alone. Expand the heart regions in a heartless universe. Do not be literal in your understanding.

(Dean was thinking, at the time, of leaving Carmel and M.P.C. for New York to get a job somewhere rather than to continue as a college student, etc. He was questing his life direction at the age of 22.)

Rhom: (with feeling) What is going on anyway?

WE: Divest yourself of the trappings of discarded patterns. The shell has cracked. Oozing out is the life-substance. Don’t caulk the cracks. Expose that flow to the life-giving Sun. Birth is the most difficult experience in life. We all come through it okay. Into your triple pattern-and sometimes quadruplicate pattern-is about to enter a special, significant factor in the form of a female person. (A stranger was expected but, as became clear later, the person referred to was Rosalind-who had not yet attended the sessions at the Highlands and was, momentarily, out of immediate touch with the group.) She will uncover for you lost wealth. She has her own reward. And now to the Tarot. Spell out in numbers words of meaning. Center for a moment. (The group did so. The place became very still and even the candles in the altar holders seemed to still and center.) 1-2-9-5-3-1-22-17-8.

Nadine: What alphabet are you going by? One of the Mediterranean ones?

WE: It is older than that you must go. Save this with others to come. Place them apart. Together a story will be told in this fashion. Its reason will be clear. School is in session. The Tarot speaks!

Rhom: Have we met the arriving female?

WE: Many times. Past lives. You will know even as you are known. When certain times impress you with the rightness, you will shuffle and reread for choice persons for reasons beyond the apparent. In such matters, motions are activated.

John: I’ve always suspected this. Should one do mandalas with the Tarot?

WE: When a sound precedes, you should heed its beckoning and set into action that force for that now. A special understanding has been recalled; a special work results. Forgotten will be politics and niceties. Truth in its blunt beauty will issue to enrich the hearers.

John: But how will we know the cards’ true meaning?

WE: Revisions. If an understanding is absolutely in error, it will be revised. However, there will be no revisions needed if what you know is called forth.

Nadine: Are the cards correctly numbered?

WE: No.

Nadine: Many changes.

WE: Yes.

John: Can we get them in the correct order, at least before beginning?

WE: Yes-slowly because of the nature of things. What WE are dealing with is the essence of ultimate force. Caution is required, WE are not confident of the time-factor and will stop when WE must. This you will understand. Proceed.

John: What of the Fool?

WE: There is no Fool. He is the Nameless One.

John: Is his number 22?

WE: Yes.

John: What is his function?

WE: He is the Resolver.

John: In the sense of being the transmuter?

WE: No. He is the container of all from the beginning.

John: What is his letter?

WE: T. A beginning. The end is determined by the three-pointed form.

Nadine: Do you mean three cards?-Death, Judgment, the Moon?

WE: Moon, no. The Wheel, yes. Determine end of the beginning.

John: May we take one of these cards at a time?

WE: Better if you could not think. WE will give you a new name when you do this work.

Rhom: Why, the 3-pointed form is the pyramid, the tomb!

Nadine: This is the T reversed. I thought they meant that in speaking of the reversal. It must be the inverted pyramid.

WE: Pyramid is upright. All ever.

Nadine: What has the Hanged Man got to do with the Pyramid?

WE: He is within the pyramid. He is suspended only-waiting. Hanging Man is better.

John: What number is the Hanging Man?

WE: 7. (This was the same number assigned to John earlier in the session.)

John: What letter?

WE: S.

John: What function is the Hanging Man?

WE: Redemption-just desserts by own activity. The hanging state awaits the redemption of the act.

Rhom: Is the pyramid a symbol of one of the cards?

WE: Yes-three staves.

Nadine: The three of wands? or a major trump?

WE: (No response was made to this question. Instead, an intense green light circled John’s and Rhom’s hands on the table. Silence reigned as everyone watched the green light.)

WE: A song is sung on this evening’s wind. Its melody can be heard. Its measure will be felt. Feel it ere dawn breaks. To you movers, thanks. Spread the song, join the chorus.

John: Does any card symbolize the end?

WE: None.

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