Session 06


October 5, 1962.
Present: Rhom, Nadine, John.

Bringers of the New Word, WE welcome you. Started now violet flame smouldering. Petals of truth scattered. Yellow force prominent for a period accompanied by sound of double flute. Personal difficulties most heavy will lighten during yellow-force period. Stronger have you become. Stronger still you must be. Indian sonnet is sung. Rushed into activity are the forces of the polished stones. Will you hear a story tonight?

There once was an eagle born without wings. He walked over twigs and pebbles and never saw over the top of the lowest bush. Our eagle was not known of other eagles. None of the footed creatures would speak with him. In his total silence, he would gaze upward, knowing that he had something to do with those eagles soaring between the topmost clouds. This something he felt only as a lack. After a period of falling off rocks in his attempts to join those above-during which period he bruised himself sorely-he determined to continue his jumping. As time went on and he climbed to higher heights and fell to lower depths, he remained unknown to the eagles above. He traveled the earth in search of the highest peak and, after climbing it, he rested for a period. When the season of greatest storm arrived, our eagle walked to the edge of the peak and, with shrieking summons to the above eagles, he stepped off. He was surrounded by whirring wings and disappeared into the golden ball above.

John: How does this story apply to us?

WE: All will one day fly as an eagle. Do you think you have missed the stones and twigs in your own story? You have not. You have been sorely bruised. Your strength-gathering, rest period is awaiting the stormy season and the golden ball.

Q: Is the “golden ball” the new Word?

WE: The story has been said. “Green mansions” is a phrase–has it meaning for you? WE only ask. No matter. Up to now WE have exercised you. Now WE proceed. Quell the raging river, still the ranting lion, gird yourselves. Much is of perfection yet the process of becoming continues. You have minor and one major task.

John: What is the major task?

WE: It is unique for each. In symbol, John is to walk, Rhom is to stand, Nadine is to fly. Do not depend on a thing removed as far as your heart beats. Each in your circle aids all, yet each saves himself. “Saves” is a word to be investigated and fully understood. Help them who come–spare not yourselves -save yourselves, however. The help you give to each other is sometimes evident but not usually. The saying of Self is a great aid to all. This is clear but is said, nevertheless, as a reminder lest you forget. Great calm, great strength in sight. Love realized. Serpent has struck. His barb has entered the heart, his coils are loosed, his venom brings new energy. Vibrant is the flow between you; rewarding beyond imagination are the results of the flow of this vibration when functioning properly. Encourage this further flow. Abort not its benefits now. Let not others sway its course. They will attempt this. Yours is the choice– question or adieu?

Q: How will they attempt this?

WE: You will know immediately and usually in advance.

John: What of the Tarot? It seems to be drawing me again.

WE: Follow its depths, enter its mystery, do not ever be frivolous with it. Do not expose it to the profane. You cannot err with it.

Q: Have you a message for Dean? (Dean was away on a trip.)

WE: His absence is felt, yes. WE would leave behind for each a special parting thought. This is received in silence . .

After the session had been reread, the three present realized that the Indian sonnet probably related to the story of the eagle–and that the word Indian may have meant American Indian, since the eagle is an American Indian symbol for the Spirit, also for courage and victory. The Tarot was not discussed, and no one connected it at the time with the “New Word” which later was to be symbolically manifested in the Book of the Speaker (the Hierophant).

The feeling was very peaceful that night. The preliminary phase had ended. The dictation of the Tarot was about to begin. Later, much that had been men- tioned in the early sessions which seemed mysterious would become illumined in connection with the Books of T. For example, the “ocean reversed” was connected with the Mother Book (the High Priestess)-find with the Nile’s reversal, for if the Nile were reversed, the ocean would become its headwaters and inundate the Valley of the Nile. Symbolically this meant that the ONE or the SELF would inundate the river of the egoic self. The Mother, the Creator, was the ocean, or the “Hidden river” which is the heart. And below the house, the surf boomed against the granite cliffs. The ocean, in fact, was ever felt during those sessions at the Carmel Highlands- sometimes roaring, sometimes very, very still.

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