Session 05


September 28, 1962
Present: Rhom, Nadine, Dean, John.

John had received a letter from a friend named Francis who had been visiting at the Carmel Highlands earlier that year but was now in New York, undecided as to whether to return to his home in Algeria or go to the West Indies. Nadine had also received a letter from Francis that day. Hence the “thought wall around the table” mentioned early in the session.

WE: A flashing red light is the sign of the commencing. Rigid no more–fluid again. Dotting blue light places point here. WE announce a new phase. Twice told is the tale, numerous the cast, known are the lines, unending is the song, treble the force. Unearthing process will resume uninterrupted. Stripped, the husks from the golden fruit are perjured no more. The Spirit shall be placed. In the midst of your Being is that Revelator. Loudly whispered is His note. True is His beam. Follow it. He has said “Shed the masks and robes of unreality, return to that A naked state of yore, don the well-worn garb of purity.”

Traced from now to backward time in lines deeply furrowed is that meaning of all your todays. Now the furrow is congested. This will be adjusted. Rock of Ages is that which the waters circle and upon which the hungry dove awaits her feasting. In this pattern-seemingly absurd-is the right activity now foremost.

The down are being upped. The strays are being gathered. The not-needed do not exist. Unanimity will come, because it must. With the triangle is a power- core. This is to be utilized when recognized and released. The points-at present time–point in separate directions, but they must be focused to that fourth, and hidden direction. When this is accomplished, the trine contracts into a cube containing the others. This force is to be a real working unit. A thought-wall is around the table. Can specific answers be given to clear it, please?

John: What of Francis? Is he lion-force? Did he do “magic” that put the lion to sleep as he is wont to imply? Why, at this time, does he write–and why the pressure?

WE: It is all connected with present and the present-present. The one under discussion, Francis, is not a One but a many. They are not irresponsible but not responsible-though directly involved. The lion family is a varied one. The lion who slept was not lulled-but tired and slept. He who writes is seeking reconnection to aid the line of the lion of which he is a member.

Q: Are we four all of the lion family?

WE: Two of lion family present-one of lion family in body. (First the planchette pointed to John, then indicated Nadine.) Winged one.

Dean: (Voices objection to not being the second lion, as he felt he too belonged to the lion family. John and Nadine had both felt he was the shaft, the fourth of the strange figures at the Nile’s headwaters-for the lion was the first one, the cat.)

WE: WE will talk to the shaft for now is the time. From top to bottom of shaft are placed in reverse order those sheaves which will be uncovered as the stalks are rolled away from the golden fruit. One on top of another are the mistakes of others. The shaft has been the unwitting but willing container. That function has been most burdensome to the bearer of this force. Only one willing and able to carry the burden has the opportunity to bear this burden. This does not say that all is on schedule now for things needed are awaited. These things are the lighteners. They are in your atmosphere but must be integrated into your being. These have to do with inter-personal relationships. WE will say no more.

John: Will you please be more specific about Francis?

WE: Riding on the back of the lion who slept and now dreams is that one to be carried through the dry and barren ground.

Nadine: Are we all to do something for Francis?

WE: Not by all. The burden is again heavy, of a heaviness not physical. That which is on a lion’s back is removed when the lion stretches upward to the golden fruit. The fruit is remembered as being most satisfying-totally, in fact.

Q: What is on the lion’s back? Another lion?

WE: Small one. The lion family is varied.

Q: Did the lion line commence in Egypt?

WE: Egypt is universal and eternal. Sleep is not with lids shuttered but dimmed.

Q: When did the lion go to sleep? This life? Past life?

WE: The lion has slept many times and he has slept in this cycle. Never fear. The lion who dimmed his lids permitted the rider to think he clambered aboard unnoticed.

John: Should I send Francis to the West Indies, as he hinted?

WE: Time is essential-timing, too. No, do not send him any place. You are the lion. You must merely stand up for the golden fruit of the past withering on the vine for want of plucking.

John: I am not responsible for Francis, then? I do not have to carry him through the “dry and barren ground”?

WE: He is on your back still and will continue for evermore unless you dislodge him by reaching for the golden fruit. This fruit WE speak of is vital to your total perfection and is not a pretty saying!

Nadine: Why does Francis write me?

WE: The appeal to you is not a real request for aid. Your involvement is in another sphere.

Q: Does the bird have feet? Nadine says it does not have feet for it is in flight. (Nadine had identified with the bird, the third figure at the Nile’s headwaters, and Rhom with the dog.)

WE: The bird is in flight except when on the rock of ages waiting. At that time, few are standing though the desire to do so has been flamed.

Rhom: And the dog? What of the dog?

WE: The dog must also be reversed. The dog has been known in the world as something it is not. The dog has never been. The dog has been the symbol of that which has been the land of the Nile. However, he was not there in that form. Between the tail of the lion and “not-dog” is a relationship.

John: What has this to do with Cancer and Leo? What was the sign for Cancer in Egypt?

(A discussion arose about Egyptian astrology. The scarab was the Egyptian symbol for the zodiacal sign Cancer. The scarab has also long been thought of as the symbol for Egypt. John read from a book: “Cancer is not actually shown. for the space is taken up with the Hathor cow . . . . Further, this fignre shows a scarab, the symbol of rebirth, at the commencement of Leo. This I take to represent the rising of Sirius with the Sun. A scarab was placed at the heart of the mummy as early as the Middle Kingdom and a chapter of the Book of the Dead specifically identifies the scarab with the heart . . . the heart (and the “dog star” Sirius) identified with Leo.” John interpreted this to mean that between Regulus and Sirius there is a relation.)

WE: Symbols mentioned contain great key. You have a fine awareness of symbols’ import. When needed, some symbols should be combined or blended. For present-time and persons, the dog-sign is a blended sign. Cancer-Sirius. Sun, yes. Moon, yes. Star, yes. Heart, yes. Relationship is not to be given as a map but a relationship does exist and is a greater mystery than the container (the pyramid), the factor to be released.

Dean: Is the shaft, then, the pyramid?

WE: This has been quite covered earlier.

Nadine: Can these symbols be found in legend? Isis and Osiris, for instance?

WE: Legend, yes. Isis and Osiris. Dog Osiris, Sirius. Bird = Isis. Horus = shaft, connect, yes. They relate.

John: Tahuti is connected with the lion, then?

WE: Vocally. Yes is no. There is much to be revealed, uncovered and borne by the principals here gathered. However, we are running into a powerful mental bar. That is alright, too.

John: Thank you for this evening’s words.

WE: Present at this very moment is that which you all felt for a moment when the bar was allowed to rise. When the bar is no more, great will be the uncovering, personal and otherwise. WE, too, also give thanks.

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