Session 04


September 18, 1962
Present: John, Rhom, Nadine, Dean.

Electric force arrives on schedule. Have it entombed. Receive its currents. Send its rays forth. Place no regard upon reports of stress. Question him who says he is returned Pharaoh. He has much to relate. Sort honey from gall. Willingness to cooperate new. Queen never, prince never, royal, yes. ‘Tis a puzzle. Born on wings of sorrow were those whose time of joy is now. Take steps in directed direction.

(Pause to discuss who the returned Pharaoh might be. Several claimants existed, but the “Queen never, prince, never” presented a seemingly insoluble riddle. Years later it occurred on re-reading the notes that it might have been Hatshepsut who was indicated-for she was a Pharaoh and was referred to as “he,” not as “she” or the “Queen,” and had certainly not been a prince. But the claimants who had presented themselves saw themselves as Akhenaton or Nefertiti rather than as Hatshepsut, who had lived a century earlier at the beginning of the 18th dynasty.)

Eight is a number of import. Its double circle has entwined the force of electric ones. Spaced between spheres is point of fusion. This number can be worn near heart region with great benefit. Substance of form should be copper. Wearers of symbol are students of ancient lore who understand well import of number mysteries. Pointed in the direction of sitters is a bringer of bright stones. This bearer has power to unlock closed doors-open door to new house. Now slammed shut will be the door that permitted frivolous activity and waste of electric energy. Bearer has misguided notion of personal direction, but no matter to sitters. Bearer has things necessary to do. Interfere not. In personal patterns, each has his chance; each must mind his own opportunities. Bearer of bright stones has subsidiary followers, balancers.

Swing now to another subject uppermost in pattern of company now seated not on a throne; like a spiral road that only ascends but goes not onward, this one goes in a spiral outward but not upward. Reversal to be accomplished. Sitting on a throne over-long numbs the limbs. Telling a tale sometimes involves the listeners uncomfortably. Pardon. To continue: Throne room has sometimes been a gathering place of knaves and fools drawn by the rosey light of the crown-wearer. Sometimes the crown- wearer has permitted an over-long stay of hangers-on-”crownwearer” is to be understood to mean something different in your present time. Gather together those forces–individual and universal-in your present orbit. Let not loose those straggling forces lying at the outer margin of yourself. All must be used. Concentrate to gather and incorporate those long allowed to straggle. Time of great activity, time of great doing. Question required:

John: What of present India?

WE: Seat of stone–black and white.

John: Has India to do with reversal?

WE: No. Reversal to be accomplished in site of worship.

John: Where is that site?

WE: Inward.

John: Has reversal begun?

WE: Yes, it has begun. Pace can quicken, and will, if return is made.

John: What is “return”?

WE: Reverse reversal. Ask more freely please on same subject.

Q: Are we all involved?

WE: Pattern going on with all but not being reversed fully.

John: How can I help the reversal?

WE: Recover loss. You must reverse reversal.

Q: Does John know how to do this?

WE: Yes. This is personal and understood. Lacking is the will to speed the return. All amputations need not be hurtful. Question, John? Leave it now. The time must come, dear one, when it must be placed on the table, as it were, and looked at. Time is eternal but wait not too long, son.

Dean: What direction of study for best reversal results for me?

WE: Release yourself to an all-inclusive force. Be not bound by that selfsame force. Then will follow an activity needed in this world. Unlock that door behind which YOU do not permit others. Fear not the tread of others on that hallowed ground. It is time to include all in your world.

Rhom: Where is the new direction to lead me?

WE: A step ahead is to be taken. Its direction is not to be foreseen, though foretold. With it comes “open sesame.” React. Do not accept as before.

Nadine: Any advice for me regarding the odd and painful pressures I have been experiencing lately?

WE: Continue investigations. WE are satisfied that your question is sincere, but it need not be asked. Just continue.

Q: Should we have a coffee break now and then continue, or should we stop? (Everyone was getting tired, yet the energy seemed high, hence the question.)

WE: WE are not pushing at this time. At another time, dark areas shall be lit.

John: Let us light them now. We would like to get this over!

WE: Not so!

John: How many are WE?


The session had been intense. It was clear to everyone that the “crown- wearer” meant John, for he was very popular and his house at the Highlands was a gathering place for many, not only for the group. John welcomed everyone and there were, no doubt, many hangers-on who had stayed “over- long.” However, the meaning was not merely literal. Its other dimension, although not clearly understood, was felt. The reversal of the reversal was clearly the subject uppermost, however. The question yet remained: return to what?

And John was to “recover loss”-presumably the lion’s lost tail or the loss of G force. But exactly what was the lion’s tail? In ancient Egypt, according to Breasted, the lion’s tail signified the power of Pharaoh, and in the Sed Feast, held 30 years after the father of the Pharaoh had named him Heir Apparent, he was given, in a very secret ceremony, the lion’s tail. The Pharaoh Narmer (Menes, who united the Two Kingdoms of the North and the South) was depicted on a clay-tablet as going into battle wearing a lion’s skin and a lion’s tail. They indicated Pharaonic majesty, strength and victory. However, since the lion had also been called “the Lion of Judah” it could not be seen merely as relating to the royal house of Egypt but to divinity or to the power of God. All Pharaohs were, of course, considered divine, and Akhenaton had been called the living Aton; and, in the Egyptian Book of the Dead, after the ceremony of the Weighing of the Heart, one became the living Osiris-whose bier was the body of a Lion. Osiris was often thought of as being related to the Christ. Thus the mystery deepened for those foregathered.

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