Session 03


September 10, 1962
Present: John, Rhom, Nadine, Dean and two visitors, Fred and Jane.

Visitors had arrived unexpectedly from Fresno. At first Rhom felt nervous about doing a session with newcomers present, for he was not used to his new role as a medium or channel He had never suspected he had any psychic gift. But finally he decided to go ahead.

Bring me one bird, bring me two stars, show me three portals. Bring me a refrain. Wish me not gone. Join. Quell the vipers. Rise through the mist. Center all now. Placed upon the underside of the brow of Neptune is the Bird of Paradise. Twain sorrow seems one. One sorrow is not pulled apart and put together. Opened now, closed then. Twice born dies not. Stone of guilt is raised, never to fall and crush. Under each torn vessel is a heart pure. On each wing is a chariot of flame. Burned away are the dregs of bitterness. Peace shall come, dear ones. Vibration settling. I need a question from the newcomer.

Q: Which newcomer?

WE: Fred. The question is not important but one must be placed on the board.

Fred: How will this trip to Carmel affect my life?

WE: Carmel is for you a centering center only. Centering will continue wherever you are. Serpent-power at higher elevation to be looked for. Trust that which arrives on the wings of the snow birds.

Jane: Does Fred’s answer mean we are literally to move to a higher altitude?

WE: Why do you question that, my child? When you have already been given a most clear answer-several times. The game must have an ending soon. The chores are not to be neglected much longer. Provisions are to be paid for. That is the law, my child. You are not being chastised, merely reminded. Any more questions?

Nadine: Would you tell me the nature of what has been happening to me this past week?

WE: Vivid is the impression impressed, cloudy are the streams, repaired are the divisions. Returned are the cloaks of seership. Opened are the avenues of remembering. Closed are the channels of dispersion. Loose still are the threads-the knotting element must acknowledge that function. Separated no longer are the scattered brotherhood.

John: Please relate more how the royal lines of Egypt relate to now.

WE: Sleeping still are the factors which will unravel the Royal Maze. With a flick of the fingers, so to speak, it is possible to place yourself in the proper role. ‘”Role” is a carefully chosen word as are all words. Traced upon the sand of your time is the impression incorrectly viewed. “Reversal” is the key word here. Key figure is reversed. Key is the open door to the past. The desert has rosed. Stay with it. It will open to your benefit. Its importance cannot be stressed too much. Ignore the smiles of those who are not so concerned. Stay with it.

(Coffee break while Nadine read back the message after, as usual, separating the letters into words, the words into sentences. The “key figure reversed” was the first overt clue to the Tarot, although it was as yet unrecognized-for the key figure was the Hanged Man who was to reverse and become the Hanging Man. It was clear, however, that the reversal of a “role” would unravel the Royal Maze-meaning the royal mix-up in flowering Egypt. However, the visitors were far more interested in understanding the message given them personally. It occurred to no one that the serpent-power at a higher elevation referred not to a mountainous clime but to a chakra-the serpent, kundalini, moved to the brow chakra, to be precise which would “happen” when the key figure reversed. This, however, was not to become clear until the Book of the Citadel (the Lightning Struck Tower) was given some months later.

Dean: What of the present Berlin situation?

WE: Black eagle joins ruby lily. Short is the time to the birth of-quote-a nation. Crisis exists not. Crisis is in the mind of man. A paper crisis only. Restore the vibration being generated by the brotherhood. It is highly placed. Your method shall continue to be not an overt one. Do not allow black symbols to divert your flow of energy. Help as you have done for your brothers many past ages ago.

Dean: What is the “ruby lily”?

WE: Flowering Christ.

Dean: What is the black eagle?

WE: Symbol. Russia is a symbol also.

Jane: Why did we see eleven white eagles en route here? (Talk of the number thirteen and of death, etc., ensued.)

WE: Written on the wind in the above and below are the signs to be read by the knowing heart. Read these signs and symbols aright, for there is no other way. Eleven is ONE, eternally repeated. Thirteen is the name of that which has not been known-a most fortuitous name.

Q: Would you write out something helpful for Fred and Jane?

WE: They are selected ones as they know. Their mission will unfold and will include another who is trying to come to them. He cannot enter the field that has grown up around them. He must enter their personal ground. He will enter with their permission. He is a seeming stranger. He is a brother-sister. Rapid is the pace they will walk together. Their field is with people of little understanding. Love will clear the way to full understanding. Many fortunate ones await their coming. Understanding is good. Personality is real, also. WE are much pleased with period.

After the session, Nadine sang Bob Dylan’s song “The answer, my friend, is blowing on the wind,” but she changed it to “written on the wind”–a song which was to become almost the theme song of the work in Carmel, as Nadine sang it again and again.

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