Session 02


August 29, 1962
Present: John, Rhom, Nadine, Dean.

The letter G, which had been the symbol of the opening session two weeks earlier, had not been mentioned except in connection with Dean. Tonight its meaning was to be expanded upon, and it was to be seen as an impersonal force rather than as being connected with personality. Egypt, however, was the subject uppermost in the thoughts of the group this evening due to the enigma of the Nile. At the far end of the room, altar candles flickered before a small statue of Osiris and a clay tablet from Tell El Amarna as the session started.

Waiting you–presence of given star. Leap to motion. Period not understood. Period must be Sun-period. Sun-period is man’s dawn. Moon-period is man’s noon. Star period is man’s twilight period. Is constant. Man is constant. Change is constant. Just as you know, you will make more known.

The hidden river is the ocean. The source of the river is at center. Open that center gently. Forceful entry not advisable, though possible. Seeming entry previously was at wrong center and time and spirit. G force has a center also, yet is scattered. For rightful purpose, G force must not be associated with a personality but with a force that is a portion of the spectrum. Full acceptance required. Stress NO. Reject whatever is of inferior vibration. G is the force of love in an active role, not a force of destruction. G has been misused seemingly only. G force will function at a rate slower than formerly. Force fields are constant, however. Carriers are many–understanders are not, however. But that mattered not until now.

Understanding is a requisite of acceptance and responsibility.

G will blend with a force not identifiable. Its carriers are on the way to becoming fit containers of that blended function. WE may assume a designation of X. Resumption of activity.

(Coffee-break while Nadine read back the message. What was the window of night? The Moon? But in the human body, it must mean one of the chakras. Which one? The brow? The solar plexus? If so, how did it relate to G force?

Think of France and what has taken place there. WE will now entertain a change of directors. (The planchette changed rhythm.)

Predicted events are in sway. Interference not needed. Understanding, yes. Support of leaders, yes. New lands are forming, new leaders are here. They will be there when called. Serpent sheds skins and dons wings. Ocean reversed. River loses force to parent and becomes golden spear in hand of victor.

Circled are all straight lines.
Yellow is the circle around Moon. Blue is the diamond within Moon. Red is the thread connecting solar orb. Green are the fields between. Stones symbolic will be carried with benefit.

Q; You mean we ought literally to carry rubies and emeralds, etc.?
WE: Corresponding in color.
Graceful One has a need-that long-neglected one.
Q: Dean?
WE: Yes. Grounding element. Not ground element, but grounding. Can be found outside Self.

Dean: How do I obtain it, find it, this grounding?

WE: Not in another. Place wings on ground, put feet in heaven.

Dean: Literally? (He was studying ballet at the time.)

WE: Only symbolically. Flights of soul not. WE will show in dream the pattern and its results. WE don’t wish to personally involve participants. (Pause)

J-Lion of Judah. What about that? Have you met it, seen it as it is? Not stalking, but in repose. Think back carefully. WE will help recall. Did you leave behind a possessive entity? Claws. Think not of a person but rather of an eventful night when the lion was permitted to sleep and, thereby, lose its tail. What about it? WE ask again. Thereby hangs the tale.

If U reject the meaning, U err. WE will leave it alone if U ask. G.G.G. Would U like to awaken it once more? Sure? Do it! U can, U will, U must. Do it, Lion of Cain! WE cannot interfere. From this point on, WE cheer U R stand. Thereby stands the tail. Fear not forever. Nothing will shear the upright lion. It has his power ready. It has his strength and majesty. The sleepers have flown. The night stretches into dawn -break. Roar, 0 Cain’s lion!

Blight of past is blockage of present and promise of future. Royal mix-up is more than that. Periods of history inter-change. Carry-overs are evident. Period in flowering Egypt most muddled. Royal lines aborted. Royalty not aborted. Entwined lines of royalty and rulership recalled-at periods of recall-for reasons of aid to understanding the present rulership of Self.

Mix-up was purposeful. Present confusion is in front brain only. Reality presupposes clear understanding of that which has preceded. Man-woman confusion paramount . . . a child was born. Ruth fruitful. Seed of lion carries fruit.

The session ended here, for it was 2 am. and everyone was exhausted. There was no discussion after Nadine reread the transcript; it was long past bedtime. But in the eleven days elapsing before the next session, each, in his separate way, thought about it. Many clues had been given this night which would be illumined in the weeks and months to come, the principal of which was the Lion of Judah, also called the Lion of Cain. Clearly the lion was related to G force and to John for J, “the key of the Nile” had been indicated as John’s signification in the opening session. But surely the ronde was confusing and would not be straightened out for some time to come. What had happened in “flowering Egypt”? What was the royal mix-up? And how did it relate to the Christ Spirit, the line of David and the Book of Genesis? Or to Atlantis, for that matter, for it was said Atlantis had gone down in 9,500 B.C., at the tail end of the age of the Lion?

The mysterious reference to Ruth was to be taken up again later in connection with the Book of the Virgin. (Formerly the World)

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