Session 01


Carmel, California
August 17, 1962
Present: John, Rhom, Nadine and Dean.

Prior to the session, the letter G had been written on the black metal hood of the fireplace in colored chalk. This letter, the symbol for the session, was to set a precedent for all ensuing sessions. Each time the group met, the non-commercial ouija board was drawn on a new piece of paper, and a spontaneously conceived, unpremeditated symbol was placed at its center. The more pertinent of these illustrate the book. They often coincided startingly with the contents of the sessions.

G, however, could be considered the symbol for the entire work that follows for the moving creative ONE is G.

The evening’s meeting was informal and social and no ouija board session had been planned. Usually the group met for meditation and had not previously experimented with the ouija board when so fore gathered. But tonight things were to turn out quite differently than in the past. A new adventure was about to be embarked upon which would involve them, in the next few months, in a kind of treasure hunt leading them through ancient Egypt and the new Books of Tarot to the ONE –or the quest for the Holy Grail.

The ouija board experiment was suggested casually. No one expected anything in particular to come forth. Yet once John and Rhom-the latter had never touched a ouija board before in his life-had placed their fingers lightly on the silver dollar planchette, a force seemed to gather in the room and the “table, as the board was called thereafter, began to sizzle with life. The letter G was pointed to over and over again as energy built and the planchette swirled in circles. The flow, once started, was unerring; there was no hesitation for a letter and no mistakes were made. Nadine began to record the letters as Rhom read them off aloud. The pace was so swift that no one could have followed the meaning if Nadine had not recorded. The silver dollar planchette went to G, G, G, G, G, then J,J,J, and again, G, G, G, and then the following:

J is John. G. is Dean. Now find mark of Rhom and Nadine and Rosalind. Each has a mark on his head, lost but still there. H = Rhom. Nadine = W and M. Nadine and Rosalind both dual signs.

Nadine: But why? Explain!

WE: Must you want to know? Not yet . .

Put together those things which have meaning, for now is the proper season to assemble those designs written on watery light-a rush into all phases of given directions. Volumes quickly open to place the key of the Nile at top of headwaters where rests cat and dog and bird and shaft. Key is that key: J.

Nadine: What is the real message to he received tonight? This is not it!

WE: Loud is the sound of wind passing overhead. Softly passes the tread of the man who knows where he walks. Fearing not, he searches his motives and purity of purpose. He walks freely to that which is his destiny-for he is all men.

John, keep hold to your vision. Stray not among changelings. (Pause) Who questions? Be not timid. Ask aright.

Nadine: Are we to travel soon? If so, where to?

WE: It would not be fitting now. Later. Now is the time to ready Self to be long-lost hub.

(The group stopped for a coffee break and to read the message back. Later the riddle of the Nile given at the start was to be seen as the most important clue to that which followed, especially as the Nile connected the subject matter with ancient Egypt, the legendary home of the Tarot. Later, too, the man who “walks freely to his destiny-for he is all men” was to be seen as the first mention of the Nameless One, the former Fool of the Tarot; but at the time the group was at sea.)

John: What lies at the headwaters of the Nile?

WE: Fashioned by you to negate. Try to reverse flow. Wait one period. Call upon a factor once lightly dismissed.

John: But how does one negate the Nile’s flow?

WE: Bring all your faculties up to where your thinking and feeling function. Your faculties are not overworked. Function from that point below the highest and above the lowest. Split the difference.

Dean: What can I and should I do to further the progress of us all?

WE: Fully fashioned it is. Bells proclaim the New Man. Mirrored to them is grandeur of Tall One with golden feathers of force, of power. Quality brought forth to tear asunder blue demon lurking in center. You are given needed strength to do. Do!

Rhom: What significance does my moonstone ring have?

WE: Moonstone is badge of admission to School of Nautililus.

Rhom: What is that?

WE: Make John tell. (The rhythm of the silver dollar planchette changed.) A School of Fools, full with lore of songs, of body-rhythm, of mind, harmony and spirit-wholeness.

John: Good God! Did I write that?

WE: Perhaps you overlook the import.

John: Who and what is writing these messages?

WE: The writer is a silver dollar. Rhom is being channeled through. He has been clear for the most part. Where there have been digressions, WE have not bothered to correct them.

The session ended late, for on this first try it had taken a long time to get through it due to frequent stopping for Nadine to translate the message. Later all would become more adept at understanding the words as they were given and the pauses were not so frequent. In the ensuing discussion, the group pondered the significance of the Nile and its reversal and the four curious figures at its headwaters. Later, each was to become identified with one of these figures-John with the cat, (later seen as a lion,) Rhom with the dog (further described as “dog-not dog”), Nadine with the bird and Dean with the shaft. However, they never realized that they formed the four arms of a single cross or central mandala of being–ONE. In other words, they corresponded to fire, air, water and earth or the Jun gian mandala of Feeling, Thinking, Intuition and Sensation. The enigma of why these four figures had to be reversed along with the Nile’s flow was never solved by the group, but the key had been given at the start with the letter “J.” When the cardinal cross is formed by the letter J, it is the reverse swastika-the one used by Hitler. It signifies dissolution and dispersal. But when the key J is turned (and a key is meant to turn) it becomes L and forms the positive swastika-the one indicating creation and involution.

The Nile’s flow related to the spinal column and the tree of the chakras and was later connected with the Hanged Man of the old Tarot who was to reverse to become the Hanging Man. The Nile is the only major river in the world that flows from South to North; therefore it is in itself an image of reversal None of this, however, was even vaguely understood at the time. The WE of the board was speaking in riddles. Some of the message given seemed sheer nonsense such as the School of Nautilus and the School of Fools. It was not discovered until years later that the Nautilus is the symbol used on navigator’s maps to indicate the galaxy of the Milky Way–the Celestial Nile of the Egyptians formed by the body of Nut, mother of the gods. Therefore, it was related to the Nile’s reversal, and may also have referred to time, for the Milky Way flows between the heart of Leo and the jug of Aquarius and we are on the brink of the Aquarian Age. Not only the reversal of the earthly Nile (or the Nile in man) but of the Celestial Nile is hinted here. Perhaps the reverse swastika formed in the age of Leo, the Lion, over 12,000 years ago is that which is to be reversed to the positive one as the Age of Aquarius begins.

The School of Fools meant initiates or T’s as in the Nameless One who is the Fool’s successor.

The next session did not take place for two weeks and in the meanwhile everyone had become increasingly intrigued by the riddle of the Nile and its reversal which had, at first, been almost overlooked.

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