John Starr Cooke – Life, Mission, Legacy

John Starr Cooke was a highly respected mystic, teacher, human events choreographer, and facilitator of ONE Consciousness and the TAROT for the new world rising. Born in March 1920 and passing from this world in 1976, John served in a spiritual mission – a higher calling – sparking an awareness of that which is manifesting into being in the field of humanity.

Our approach here on Royal Maze, in describing the life and mission of John Starr Cooke, is hagiographical but in no way do we treat him as a ‘guru’ or a ‘prophet’, for as the ONE Sessions revealed, “There are Prophets un-numbered, but ONE Saviour…YOU!”

As a mystic, John from a young age was drawn to unorthodox channels of seeking knowledge – coming into touch with the Kahunas of Hawaii and encountering the Tarot as well as the Ouija Board. This set John on a unique and winding life path – meeting with influential spiritual teachers & seers of his day – that ultimately landed him in the right time and place to facilitate the delivery of the New Tarot for the Aquarian Age and ONE Consciousness (also known as the Word of ONE Tarot).

As a teacher, John was a magnetic figure who naturally drew people to his circle. From an early age, he studied historical Tarot cards at various museums and the breadth of ancient philosophy & symbolism, as well as exoteric, esoteric, occult, and modern spiritual/psychological systems. Full of humor and passion for life, John sought ways to express divine truths in simple and natural forms of communication. John exemplified the philosophy expressed in the Book of the Doer: be as you are. To be, be it openly, and let the sun shine.

Michael Bowen

As a human events choreographer, John was a seminal cultural figure who influenced and triggered the counterculture movement that flowered in San Francisco during 1966–1967. In 1967, the visionary artist Michael Bowen – under the tutelage of John – organized the Human Be-In, an event widely recognized as the catalyst for the Summer of Love later that year. John and Michael also collaborated on a magical working – the long-term project called ‘Reversal USA’ which references the New Tarot (also known as the Reverse Tarot). The intention was to embed the doctrine of ONE Consciousness deep in the heart of society at that transformational time. According to Michael, this will create a future firmly established upon ONE Consciousness. That project is now unfolding apace.

As a facilitator, John became the point man for delivery onto the field of humanity of new archetypal imagery in the form of the 22 sacred books of Tarot. This was later called the New Tarot for the Aquarian Age, also known as the Book of T, Reverse Tarot, or Word of ONE Tarot. These 22 cards, comprising the Major Arcana, change according to the Ages. Each is a Book containing both principle and understanding in the search for SELF – a visual representation of a new Consciousness. But, as John said, “their sacred purpose was forgotten and few realized that they described a path or that they contained a teaching, a way of life.”

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