John Cooke’s last letter to Michael Bowen

Michael Bowen

The following letter was written by John Starr Cooke a week before he died in 1976 in Tepoztlan, Mexico. It was sent to Michael Bowen in San Francisco as he prepared to leave for Europe for the second time. When the letter arrived and Michael opened it, John’s picture (kept on the wall under glass with flower petals from the little village in Mexico) popped off the wall and crashed on the floor, scattering glass and flower petals everywhere. Michael carefully picked up the picture and put it on the table and then read the letter. The letter as anyone can see is a statement; not to Bowen exclusively, but to all people, exhorting them to action while seeing themselves as One. Here is John’s poetic letter produced with a couple of Bowen’s paintings.
– R.W. Bruch

Over and over repeat “We are with you now – we hate war”
We are here. We are with you now –
We have never been separated as we are One –
We have One –
Listen, each and every one of you –
We can no longer pretend to be separate or separated –
There was in the beginning the Word – and the Word was God –
The letters of the Word are made up of the races of mankind –
And mankind is One – and we have won.
We have come to proclaim the Victorious One has won.
Awake, man – for we are here – the awakeners, the One Way Shower.

You laughed when one of us said “drop out” –
That statement proclaimed a beginning –
Now We say “come in” – join what you know you are.
First, each one must eradicate war – it is a futile excuse, a Self-deception.
Nothing will/can evolve any longer when the past concept of war exists.
Let those dead bury their dead and peace be unto them.
Next – for us – U.S. – all hatchets are to be buried –
That ancient ax has had its day.
We are One – We have One –
Some individuals in the world still believe they want to gain space –
We brought One to you who proved space – as well as time – was relative.
We also brought One who taught you – and some listened –
that the only way was non-resistance within resistance.
We, the flower children, have brought you now the flower power –
That which centers in is Now to petal out – Our petals grow in all countries –
Vietnam, San Francisco, Algeria, Hong Kong, Denmark, Sweden,
Kenya, India, Germany, Mexico, Australia –
for We are with you and we are harbingers of one world –
We stand only for ONE – We are no longer interested in isms –
We are interested only in joining the Unity of One Being.
We Love you.
We Light you.

Header image: Looking Within by Michael Bowen