Chapter Two, Part One

[quote]Love is not an abstraction, nor merely an afterthought, It is tangible in its touch – a self-sustaining, unifying principle That forms the underlying basis of reality – that which some call Motion.[/quote]


The Summer of Love

Love Consciousness painted by Michael Bowen 1960

The first six months of 1967, made the Human Be-In and the Summer of Love an unforgettable part of the history of the 20th century. During the next forty years, wars came and went, political regimes rose and fell, and world leaders whose names were once on the lips of everyone became entirely forgotten. On the extraordinary, historical day of the Human Be-In, it was demonstrated that human beings could spontaneously and intelligently cooperate with one another, interacting, and of One accord. In the ensuing months , the euphoria was tangible, and manifested in practical actions. The people living in and around the Haight Ashbury community learned to cooperate without coercion – without someone, or some leader, or some government saying they “must” cooperate. Forced cooperation never really works; someone will inevitably feel bitter and resentful. But spontaneous attraction to working together, serving one another to achieve a common spiritual aspiration of peace, harmony, love, or anything else, reflects a new birth of consciousness – a consciousness of One. Though small and delicate, spontaneous cooperation did happen for about six months in the Haight Ashbury community.

Psychic Lovers Michael Bowen etching

The truth of the matter was a collective psychic breakthrough had occurred, one of such power and influence that while it was manifesting, it went unnoticed by those tapping into this latent human ability of accurate psychic communication. This experience of Unity became permanently set into the genetic memory of humanity. It is common for a jump of enormous proportions in human evolution to take place first among a small group. However, that small group, because of its intimate involvement in the very processes which are defining the evolutionary leap, may not notice it at the time – they will simply act. In the case of the phenomenon that was initiated at the Human Be-In, and developed into the Summer of Love, the psychic jump involved a One-Mindedness, which allowed for the common thoughts of each to be accurately understood by others within the larger group. The fact of the many actions of cooperation taking place through pure mental connection would only be noticed later, if at all. The people involved were simply caught up in the joyful energy that surrounded them, and were moving too fast and too accurately with this new power to bother about questioning it. As soon as small groups would form to attempt to harness the cooperative action that was taking place, the groups would fall apart because there was no need for a hierarchy to develop. One Mind was manifesting, inspiring actions that were formerly unknown; there was no need to question how or why this was occurring. This exceptional experience immediately fused into the human genetic memory, the simple reason being that it was a harbinger of the same one-minded consciousness becoming normal in the future. The consciousness of One manifested rationally and cogently throughout the Summer of Love. It now remains dormant, ready to be activated and experienced again, given the right circumstances. When the reality of survival of the human race again calls for this spontaneous cooperation to become a general, and normal, reaction among the critical mass of evolving humans formed in the last forty years, those who are psychically ready will manifest a One-Mindedness in order to preserve the human life force, and guarantee its advancement into the future. All indications point that we are at this time of change now.

Psychic Connection etching by Michael Bowen San Francisco

The cooperation between human beings that took place in the Summer of Love was a by-product of the psychic evolution built into our neurological systems. This cooperation is more accurately explained as a precise, psychic knowing between human beings. The fact remains, and still inspires us today as we reflect upon it, of the peculiar experience of intuitive knowing and cooperation between human beings that took place in a small neighborhood of a major American city for a short time. Perhaps the Summer of Love had to manifest in 1967, in order to become part of our genetic memory, but would not again manifest until really needed, until the survival of the human race was understood to be in absolute jeopardy. Using common sense and logic forty years later, it becomes a little clearer this psychic knowing and cooperation, which seemed so natural in 1967, is an intrinsic part of our humanity. This experience helped expand our understanding of ourselves as human beings, and answered many existential inquiries. It is not good enough to simply say that in the year 1967, in San Francisco, a significant amount of people had broken through the barriers which usually prevent psychic knowledge from being an accurate tool to use. This evolved understanding must now be deliberately promoted through the force of human will, guided by love, in order for this consciousness to become the new normality. Does the human race really have any other option?

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