Chapter One, Part Three

The Human Be-In forever broke through the chains of individual and collective human bondage such as alienation, insignificance, and hatred. When those who attended the Be-In saw for the first time just how many of them there were, they became empowered; something new had happened to them, something profoundly uplifting, exciting, and transformative. Every person felt as a strong hero or heroine, ready to go forward as holders of the flame of the secret truth, the secret that was obvious and yet apparently hidden; they experienced the incredible power of the new aeon flowing through them. This once confidential “occult” secret could now be passed from generation to generation and continue into the future, until today in 2007, some forty years later, the understanding of the necessity for personal empowerment and personal freedom have become firmly established in modern civilized countries. The fundamental realization of personal rights and self-empowerment, as well as the sense of “Global Oneness” authentically experienced at the Human Be-In, have now spread all over the world and become the standard for evaluating cultural progress. Those essential insights and self-evident truths realized and released at the Human Be-In can never be taken back from evolving humanity.

‘Once a motion is made, it cannot be unmade…once a thing is born, it cannot be unborn.’


“War with the Self” Michael Bowen etching

However uplifting, and evolutionarily correct history affords to those progressive cultural changes ignited by the Human Be-In and the subsequent Summer of Love, the past 40 years has also awakened previously unnoticed, hibernating human forces in the world. An ongoing cultural split was also the result of the Summer of Love. Antiquated, medieval forces have not only been awakened from their slumber, but many individuals and traditionalist groups now see it as their self-proclaimed mission in life to “correct” the freedoms generated by the 60’s. The virtuous advancements of the newly awakening humanity should never be stopped or abandoned. Defense of the hard won freedoms of the 60’s is only the first step for evolving homo sapien-sapiens.

“Local Bar Devils” Painting by Michael Bowen

It is easy to be self-hypnotized, thinking no one is actively trying to reverse human evolution and take away those freedoms. Forty years later, there exist throughout the developed world, various primitive cults of mind-control that manifest their conformist agendas in a myriad of ways; spiritual, cultural, and political. These un-enlightened forces historically fight among themselves for dominance and control with unrestrained cruelty, terror, and viciousness. Because of cutting edge war technology as well as the introduction of insidious suicide bombers, recently awakened fears and anxiety about a third global war consciously or unconsciously dominate our thought processes. Such a war would be so gruesome, horrific, and expansive, that whole races, ethnic groups and nations could easily be obliterated. This fundamental fear and anxiety for the future safety of civilization has prompted many traditionalist groups to direct their confusion, anger, and fear at the new evolving humanity, as if the freedoms and advances achieved in the 60’s are the very source of the worlds problems. They fanatically adhere to their conservative agendas and use their self-righteous lack of knowledge as a foreboding coin, attempting to buy away the evolving psychic humanity. A horrendous struggle has begun. This living monster of Machiavellian forces threatens to grow in the near future and attack evolving human consciousness. Their self-righteous cleverness continues to utilize the manipulative power of “fear and guilt” in order to control their budding armies. However resilient these aggressive forces appear on the surface, it should be understood that their archaic, sub-human thought processes cannot possibly prevail against the obvious truths collectively realized at the Human Be-In. Hibernating seminal forces have slowly awakened since January 14, 1967. These deceitful and fraudulent forces, collectively and on an individual level, remain perpetually “asleep”, never understanding or appreciating the civil and human rights, personal freedoms, and self-empowerment ushered in by the 60’s counter-culture. Because of their awakening slumber into a skewed insight, their blind adherence to conventional traditions, and sanctimonious attitudes, a fundamental element of self-destruction has also awakened within them – they have awakened to their past. There antiquated violent and fear based mentality can be described by one word – “lack.” They will not be able to adapt and change to the new world created while they slept.

‘That which is before the issue, and unlike the issue, will not survive.’

The greatest threat humanity has ever faced is happening right now in front of our own eyes. Truth is in the obvious, and it is obvious that the ambition of those humans now holding power is to implant technologically advanced electronic chips directly into our bodies. Chip implantation will be promoted and encouraged as not only necessary for security reasons, but also personally advantageous and progressively correct. Many people will initially be skeptical but fears will be quickly appeased. A long list of beneficial and desirable consequences of chip implantation will seemingly far outweigh any potential loss of freedom or privacy. The process for mass chip implantation has been in operation and researched since at least 1990. With quickly developing miniaturization and advancement in technology, this threat grows exponentially. The ultimate purpose for this monstrous anti-human plot remains unknown. However, what is known and historically clear is that for the last thousand years, certain identifiable families have exerted their control and manipulated entire civilized world communities. From Medieval times, through the needed progressive changes of the renaissance, through the industrial revolution, as well as through two world wars and beyond, these exclusive families have exerted powerful political, economic, and ecclesiastical manipulative control. The counter-culture revolution and progressive changes initiated at the Human Be-In present a most formidable challenge to these families. Perhaps it is their desire to achieve mass enslavement and control through chip implantation. From the cultural centers of the civilized world, these families have attempted to impose their control on the developing world, not caring so much for the security and advancement of the population but rather their greed for power and money is their source of inspiration. Their only real concern is how to exploit the vast natural resources of third world countries. In a world of globalized interconnectedness, science has now progressed to the point of utilizing chip implantation as the next logical step to monitor and exert social stability and security. In a world full of terrorism, religious fanaticism, and suicide bombers, any individual caught without an identifying chip implantation will never be trusted. Sophisticated implantation technology exists today and is continually and rapidly being further refined. Within a few short years, chip implantations could allow full identification and location of every man woman and child on the planet. This Orwellian scenario will be perceived as a natural and necessary social obligation. The future of chip implantation is not a distant or paranoid science fiction development. With the looming threat of nuclear weapons easily falling into the hands of religious fanatics, political leaders of all civilized countries will soon promote the absolute need to sacrifice personal freedom with identification implants. The masses of people, although initially skeptical, will eagerly submit to this new monitoring system because of misleading propaganda extolling the many personal benefits of implantation. Social, medical, as well as economic information can all be easily be stored and updated on chip implants and be accessed and immediately utilized. Advanced DNA medical science along with chip implants will be tooted as a revolutionary medical advancement for saving lives. Those who refuse will be socially ostracized, feared, and detested by the masses who will be hypnotized by deceptive misinformation. The masses of the civilized world will view implantation as a necessary social precaution to establish security and safety for their families, communities, and countries. Anyone who objects, advocating the need to maintain personal freedom, will be viewed as a threat, a danger, as an uncivilized savage that must be eliminated. Make no mistake; mysterious unidentifiable forces are not doing this. Those few exclusive families, those insidious Machiavellian forces, are developing these techniques. They instinctively understand the need to maintain their own hidden identity for their own personal survival. If human beings realized today what was clearly destined for them through chip implantation, they would hunt down the perpetrators and put a permanent stop to this deplorable plot.

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