John Starr Cooke


    John Starr Cooke gave this image of himself to Michael Bowen to use as a talisman. What, then, is the significance of the word “Begin”? Why is it written “BE G IN”, with the G bigger than the other letters? Why did Cooke choose such a hideous photograph of himself? And what the …

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Black Magic in Tangier

John Starr Cooke in Brion Gysin’s The Process Tangier in the 1950s Tangier in the 1950s was a place where diplomats, spies, smugglers, eccentric millionaires and bohemian artists and writers rubbed shoulders with the native Tangerinos. As the northernmost city of Morocco, with Spain in sight across the strait, Tangier had for hundreds of years …

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Black Magic Question Mark

Black Magic Question Mark Originally published in The American Theosophist Volume 33 Issue 8, August 1945 when John was 25 years old.

The Church of One

To Each One Concerned: Are you still doing that? Are you still hooked on the concept that you are doing something to eradicate something else? better someone else? Elevate or alleviate? Are you, for instance, thinking you are in revolt from the situation as IT is? Or, by past habit patterns, determinedly attempting to repeat …

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The story of T-Ruth

San Francisco Oracle Volume #9 page 7 The story of T-Ruth Few if any historians have understood the mystical significance of the Cooke-Bowen legacy. The story of T-Ruth is one of those enigmas of history that can best be understood many years later. The story has been an open secret for over 40 years, ever …

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