Beast upon the Sea Michael Bowen etching

Bowen mystic etchings

Beast upon the Sea Michael Bowen etching
Beast upon the Sea Michael Bowen etching

Asked the Seeker: Oh Master, tell me of the way to bliss.

The Master said: Beloved Seeker, child of karma, you are alike unto a beast upon the sea. Formed by your tears is the ocean upon which you pass alone from point to point. The doorway to the land of Oneness, the heart, seems always almost within your grasp. This sea is but the Maya, the delusion, which covers knowledge of reality. To reach the land of bliss one must seek within the body of one’s own beast to find the way. Meditate upon the meditator who sits within in stillness and in peace. Meditate upon your Self.

Ancestral Moon Dance Michael Bowen etching

Asked the seeker: Oh Master, my path is split, and I kick the tree of life in rage at this grand trick. How may I come unto my highest Self, the nature of which I have forgotten?

The Master said: Ah beloved, your kicking is a dance. Remember when you were here before and fall into the vortex of your former images of Self. As the Wheel of Life turns another revolution, you shall be face to face with One and One. Masks shall fall away. And yes, you are behind this, above, and yet within the path that is not divided but whole and real, for this ancestral moon-dance brings you back to one as surely as your masks revolve.

Beast before the Heart Michael Bowen etching

Asked the seeker: Oh Master, a beast of anger has grown in me. Upon what does it feed that I may deny it its existence?

The Master said: Deny it nothing for denial feeds the monster also. There is no killing that can bring the beast of anger unto death, for it only grows again a greater beast, stronger and more fearsome. Before me is its proper food, and it must bow before it eats. Feed this heart unto the beast, for Love is the name of You and its sign in all its ways is the heart, the guardian of your path.

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