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Destiny is the meaning of the Royal Maze….. and destiny is always NOW!

‘Love is not an abstraction, nor merely an afterthought. It is tangible in its touch, a self-sustaining, unifying principal That forms the underlying basis of reality – that which some call Motion.’

The term ‘New Age’ has been passed around so much since the Sixties that it has become something of a catch-all for anything outside the mainstream, with its meaning blurred and distorted, much like the surface of an old coin worn smooth from years of handling.  Many times it is referenced with a sense of scorn or derision by both orthodox religion and the scientific community in general, which is somewhat curious, given that these two groups are seeming opposites. Another curious aspect is some of the elements contained in New Age thought predate modern theology, particularly Western philosophy.  In a way, the name is almost a misnomer when applied in this fashion.  It is far simpler to just take the term for what it implies – a new age in evolution.  It is also worth noting that despite what appears to be a 180 degree difference in religious and scientific views, when reduced down to their core conclusion, Oneness emerges as the basic tenet. The obvious Truth is sometimes overlooked by focusing on disparities rather than seeing the connective nature of what is all around us.

LOVE Portrait by Michael Bowen Haight Ashbury Studio 1966

If you can believe or accept, through faith or logic, the existence of ONE Supreme Being or the notion that the observable Universe sprang into origin from a less than microscopic Singularity, then you are capable of grasping the concept of ONE SELF T-RUTH to be found in ‘T:  THE NEW TAROT’ (For The Aquarian Age).  In their progressed form, the twenty-two trump cards that comprise the Major Arcana are in fact each a Book containing both principle and understanding in the search for SELF, with each card acting as a visual representation of a new Consciousness. Together, they tell the story of ONE. It is a story that centers on attaining Self-realization through the ONE Motion, And that motion is LOVE – it is the PRIME MOVER.

The Human Be-In was a defining moment in time, the bearer of a shift in conscious awareness.  It was a multi-leveled process of which John Starr Cooke was a motivating force.  The event itself was planned and organised by Michael Bowen and Allen Cohen, unleashing the winds of Change.  It was the opening volley in the struggle to free oneself from that which is not of the Self, but merely the tattered remnants and rusty chains of an illusionary duality.  There is only ONE.  The quest is in the Knowing.  It is a battle that will be won in the trenches, one by One, until such time as the tipping point is achieved.

‘Who will engage the armed One?  The battle lines of the Self are always drawn.
Shall your armor glisten in the sun till dusk?  Victory comes only when the Self is met.
The battle is not new; it lies in the Heart, and the nature of it is most terrible.
Tho lashings may sting the outer Self, slings and arrows shall pierce it not.
The core remains untouched by such, and grows as it must.
We will prevail by design, with our sight set.  Needed strength to do, is given.
The flesh may quiver, the pulse may race, emotions may falter; still you will do and win.
Naught stands against your weapon. It is not a thing apart, but is as a part of Yourself.
The still voice will not be stilled.’
– John Cooke and Michael Bowen 1968

This website is dedicated to the legacy passed down through John and Michael. It was developed to aid those who seek their path to T-Ruth.

We welcome you to join us at the Table.

– Bobby Bishop


The creators of RoyalMaze.com are Bobby Bishop, Mark Walker,  and R.W. Bruch.

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