Destiny is the meaning of the Royal Maze….. 

and destiny is always NOW!

John Starr Cooke…

Was a man on a mission – to help bring into the world of humanity sacred images and wisdom from ONE – a messenger of sorts for a higher level of Being. The Tarot – T – is a well worn ancient Path and its archetypal energies invited John to enter its Field. John played in the Field of the Tarot all his life and at some point he knew he would be responsible for initiating the download of new symbols – or Books as they are known in the New Tarot. John had already achieved many great things by the time the full download was finally initiated in 1962-1963. John and his close associates delivered the BOOK OF T – 22 Sacred Books of Tarot – into a human world undergoing aeonic upheaval and rupture.

Into the Maze You Have Stalked. What is the Maze? The binder and the freer of ONE.

The only true revolution comes from within.
May the Blessing of the imperishable brotherhood
of Being rest ever upon thee in Peace eternal.
– John Starr Cooke

Write your own Destiny and unwind it even as you write it. Unwind the thread of the Cosmic Spider as you pursue your Path toward the ONE goal: the Knower or the Self.

ONE is in Motion. That motion is love. You are that ONE in Motion, in expression. Here and Now.

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